My Photoshop Class projects

Project 1 - Choose an old photo and retouch it or take an original digital image and enhance it. Final needs to be an 8x10 image, 300 dpi, suitable for framing.

I chose a photo of my Mom when she was 28 years old. Her father took this photograph of her. We called our Grandpa, Papa (pronounced: Pup-a) When I was a child, I couldn't say Papa the right way, and was told that everyone liked my funny way of saying Papa (including him, so I was told) and decided to continue with it.



Project 2 - Create a 5.125 high x 7 inch wide tourism magazine ad. Must have a minimum of 3 photos. Minimum copy, an attention-getting approach to the destination, have a web address or phone number. Resolution 300 dpi.

I thought of what I most wanted to see when I moved to Arizona in 1982. I wanted to see a real roadrunner. I completely expected it to be as tall as a coyote after seeing the Wile E. Coyote cartoons. I was sorely disappointed when I saw the little bird. Since that was a curiosity I had, and it was my stereotypical idea of the desert, I wanted to use that idea in the tourism ad. I drew the cartoon of the coyote and roadrunner on the left of the ad because I didn't want to steal from Looney Tunes cartoons.


Project 3 - Create 2 greeting cards of your choice using the supplied template for size.  

Project 4 - Create a design to place on a coffee mug and its box it would be packaged into.  

Final Project - Create a magazine ad promoting Photoshop's capabilities. Dimensions and sample copy (text) provided in template.